Health and Safety


Aim to ZERO accidents is our company’s philosophy when it comes to occupational health and safety of our employees.

The principles that guide our social policy are the following:

- Social responsibility starts with individual responsibility. We strive for a deep conscious level of self-responsibility which is at the basis of all our endeavors.

- Health and safety awareness level among our employees is key. We could not aim high scale performance without a deep sense of responsibility rooted out of health and safety in the workplace.

- A health workplace starts with healthy relationships. We carve our pledges in the Labor Contract and grow our cooperation mutually.


Our companies activity is embedded in the basis of the Labour Contract establishing the clauses related to working conditions, remuneration, rights and obligations resulted from the working relations and aims to promote equitable working relationships able to guarantee the employees social protection, working conflicts prevention or limitation and strike release avoidance. We are now proud to have is a professional cooperation between the employers and the unions from both TMK-Artrom mills (pipe mill from Slatina town and steel mill from Resita town), therefore the interests both of the company and the employees are balanced well with regards to Labour Contract signing.

The leadership of the company is permanently preoccupied about employees living needs, about their achievements and recognition, social standing and professional growth. The organizational culture of the company is built to make the employees feel they belong to an organization with well stated values and norms.


We regard all matters related to the labour safety and health as organically linked to the entire production process. A constant preoccupation in updating the risk on the workers' health and complying with the regulations in force related to their health care is guiding our daily activities. We look at health in its entirety, therefore prophylactic medical services are provided to our employees, including the newly employed, accommodation, periodical, work resumption medical testing, health promotional activities on-the-job etc.