The pipes mill TMK-Artrom

The pipes mill TMK-Artrom was founded in 1982, as a state owned company, under the name "Intreprinderea de Tevi Slatina" and its production started in 1988. It was transformed into a joint stock company in 1991, and was renamed ARTROM SA.

On November 20th 1995 the company listed its shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Then ARTROM SA went through the privatization process and became a public private joint-stock company on April 30th, 1999 with the Austrian company STARO Gmbh as its majority shareholder. In 2002, the German company Sinara Handel GmbH (renamed today TMK-EUROPE) bought a controlling stake in ARTROM SA.

On March 1st 2006, ARTROM SA joined the world’s second largest pipe producer when it became part of the TMK GROUP of companies and changed its name one last time to TMK-ARTROM.


In the last few years, technology and equipment have been upgraded to high performance and state of the art levels. Most upgrades were carried out after 2001 and new ones are still being implemented. In February 2007, a new pipe manufacturing line was put into operation – a Cross Piercing Elongator. As a result, the production capacity of TMK-Artrom pipes mill now reaches 200.000 tons per year.


Follow a period of few years in TMK-Artrom pipes mill are done other investments in various quality control equipments (US, Eddy Current, Magnetic Powder Control, Cracks End Detector, etc), Mandrel Rolling Line, cutting and varnishing machines, new halls or buildings modernization, etc.


In June 2015, TMK-ARTROM started the production at the new Workshop where offer to its customers different services like cut pipes at fix and very precise lengths (mainly for automotive industry customers) and also services like machining the inner surface of cold-deformed seamless steel pipes by skived and roller burnished operation and outside surface machining through grinding operation, such pipes being used in most cases directly by end users (hydraulic cylinder producers).


In June 2016, in USA, TMK-Artrom founded the company TMK Industrial Solutions LLC (100% under TMK-Artrom control) which act as an agent in North and South American markets promoting TMK-Artrom products as well as other products made by others TMK mills which are considered industrial pipes.


In February 2018, TMK-Artrom pipe mill officially commissioning the Heat Treatment Complex which completed the second phase of the company’s investment program. With this investment, TMK-Artrom strengthens its market presence with premium pipes for mechanical applications and exploration of oil and gas fields, adding to its investment portfolio another 36 million Euros.


All these investments increased production quality and allow a better and more efficient control of production parameters.


In 2019 TMK-Artrom bought TMK Italia s.r.l. which is a company with trade activity. 


The shares issued by TMK-ARTROM S.A. were traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange starting with 1995 until 2020. The shares of TMK-Artrom SA were suspended from trading starting with 16.04.2020.



In the last years, TMK-Artrom pipes mill and it’s the steel mill from Resita were re-built as an integrated production flow.


Starting with January 01, 2022 TMK-Artrom (pipe mill) as the absorbing company, merged with TMK Resita (steel mill) as the absorbed company. Starting with January 01, 2022 the former TMK-Resita company ceased to exist, the absorbing company TMK-Artrom S.A. being the legal successor of all the rights and obligations of the former company TMK Resita S.A.


TMK-Artrom manages today all business of TMK European Division as General Management Unit for all TMK-European Division’s companies.



About the steel mill in Resita

Resita Iron & Steel Works (Combinatul Siderurgic Resita, CSR) was founded in July 1771 with the commissioning of its first two blast furnaces. CSR expanded and went on to become a major European steel mill during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The steel mill was nationalised in the mid-1900s and was operated by the Romanian government. Renamed Combinatul Siderurgic Resita S.A., the company was listed on the RASDAQ on November 11th 1996 and become public.

The company then went through a difficult transition period, including a failed privatization in 2000 and its subsequent reorganization procedure. On-going problems and conflicting interests led to the cancellation of the first privatization and called for a return of CSR to the Romanian government.

The privatization process was once again reinstated in 2003 and mid-2004 the company was sold by AVAS to Sinara Handel GmbH (now renamed TMK Europe GmbH).

Joining the TMK rapidly proved beneficial to CSR (renamed TMK Resita in 2006) as investments in production capacity and management combined with financial aid helped restore and upgrade the mill and put steelmaking back at the heart of the community.

In February 2007 in the steel mill from Resita was put in production a Continuous Casting Machine with a yearly capacity of 450.000 tons. In the same year was commissioned also a Vacuum Degases ladle.


In 2009 took place the upgrading of the Electric Arc Furnace.


In the next years different investments took place in the steel mill from Resita like new billets diameters, equipments upgrading, a new scrap yards, bridge cranes, etc, all these investments have like objects to improve the quality, the environmental conditions, products quality control, the production flow, etc.


Starting with January 01, 2022 the former TMK Resita company ceased to exist, being absorbed by TMK-Artrom S.A.