ADRIAN POPESCU, President of the Management Board / CEO


I have been working for TMK-ARTROM since 1985. One of my biggest personal milestones is when our plant became part of TMK Group (family), a large tubular business network. We grew together with TMK as an autonomous industrial business and year after year we developed and consolidated this business together.

The moment when, 14 years ago, the steel mill from Resita (at that moment named TMK RESITA SA) joined TMK-ARTROM SA represented the birthday of the actual core of TMK’s industrial pipes business in Europe. Another milestone was ten years ago, when TMK-ARTROM became TMK hub for Industrial Pipes and the main place where this business is planned and developed under the name of TMK European Division. To the actual integrated technological flow TMK-Artrom (the steel mill from Resita / the pipe mill from Slatina), we added the industrial pipes specialized trade system, which grew and reached new businesses dimensions each year. Today the TMK European Division manages its sales worldwide, having in its structure trade companies in Europe and USA.

It is an extraordinary achievement that, within our multi-cultural business environment, we speak the same language – the one of the tubular business, driven by innovation, audacity, restless visions about the future and continuity. Besides me, most of my colleagues are, in this company from the very beginning. Thus, continuity becomes a valuable asset for us, the rare essence of our company, making us better, stronger with the years.

I am very proud that our big family is ready to face the future, by continuously increasing the share of high-tech products in our production. When one realizes that the future is already here, premiumization becomes the key word. In addition, we keep doing our best to position TMK-ARTROM as a font runner in the race for leadership in the European pipe manufacturing market.

For us every customer count. Our main task is to determine precise technical and commercial needs of each customer and to find the best solution for them. TMK-ARTROM invested and developed all its investment projects as a result of our communication with the customers. Being closer to them, turning them into our partners – rather than just product buyers - and moving forward together with them, represent the very core of our customer relations philosophy. After all, the clients are part of our family, generating new ideas and helping us grow our business.