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New heat treatment line investment project


TMK-ARTROM has started the implementation of the new heat treatment line investment project

The heat treatment line consists of an austenitizing furnace with walking beam transport system, a spray quenching head, a quenching tank, a walking beam tempering furnace, a cooling bed and a hot straightening machine. The Heat Treatment line will be deserved by a new dedicated Water Treatment plant which will ensure performance stability of the line with minimum waste of water. The line allows carrying out various process steps, such as quenching, tempering and normalizing.


The annual capacity of the heat treatment line will be 160,000 tons, being able to treat tubes up to a wall thickness of 60 millimeters. Thanks to the high product flexibility, the new heat treatment line is also suitable for the cost-effective processing of small batch sizes and different product groups. With the installation of this new heat treatment line, TMK-ARTROM is strengthening its presence on the market with higher grades tubes for mechanical applications and for oil and gas exploration. The new heat treatment line is scheduled to commence operation in the third quarter of 2017.

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