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Announcement on COVID 19 pandemic impact


No. 102/316  dd 19.03.2020

Announcement on COVID 19 pandemic impact


Currently, the company operates at an acceptable level, but there are difficulties regarding the shipment of the production for export due to the restrictions on truck traffic in Europe. We remind that most of our production is intended for sale in the main markets of Italy, Germany and other strongly industrialized countries from Western Europe, the transport of goods being exclusively by truck until the destination due the specificity of our products designated for users from industries as automotive, machining, hydraulic, etc.  Being a metallurgical unit with continuous fire, we make efforts in order to maintain the activity at a reasonable level.

Internally, TMK-Artrom makes all the efforts necessary to diminish the effects of the pandemic at the level of the economic activity and to reduce to the minimum the risk of employees getting sick in the company as well as in its subsidiaries from Romania, Italy and the United States.

Depending on the evolution, in what regards the regulations of the authorities and the economical evolution of our market, the company’s management is taking into consideration the implementation of  all the measures which  will be imposed for the health of the employees and the integrity of the production equipment.


Chief Executive Officer,

Adrian Popescu



Comunicat referitor la impactul pandemiei COVID 19


In prezent societatea isi desfasoara activitatea la nivel acceptabil, dar are dificultati in ceea ce priveste expedierea productiei la export din cauza restricțiilor in traficul camioanelor in Europa. Reamintim ca majoritatea productiei noastre este destinata vanzarii in principal pe pietele din Italia, Germania si alte tari puternic industrializate din vestul Europei, transportul marfurilor fiind făcut exclusiv pe camioane pana la destinație datorita specificul produselor noastre destinate utilizatorilor din domeniul auto, prelucrări mecanice, hidraulica, etc.  Fiind unitate metalurgica cu foc continuu facem eforturi in a mentine activitatea la un nivel rezonabil.

Pe plan intern, TMK-Artrom depune toate eforturile pentru a diminua efectele pandemiei la nivelul activitatii economice si pentru a reduce la minim riscul imbolnavirii angajatilor atat la societate cat si la subsidiarele sale din Romania, Italia, si Statele Unite.

In functie de evolutia situatiei, atat in ceea ce priveste reglementarile autoritatilor, cat si evoluția economica a piețelor noastre, managementul Societății are in vedere implementarea tuturor masurilor care se vor impune pentru sanatatea salariatilor si integritatea echipamentelor de productie.


Director General 

Adrian Popescu 



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