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We have reached the MILLION!


We have reached the MILLION!

In the CPE Workshop (Cross-Piercing-Elongate), the second largest hot rolled production capacity in TMK-Artrom, we have a reason to celebrate in these days: on Saturday, February 6, we have reached the threshold of 1.000.000 tons of seamless steel pipes.

The CPE WS produces hot rolled seamless steel pipes, made of carbon steel, low alloy and alloy, with outer diameter between 21.3 - 127 mm and wall between 2.3 - 12 mm, the pipes produced here being designed for the energy industry, automotive industry, constructions, etc.

Almost 13 years ago, through the exemplary work from all those involved in the project, we managed in less than 1 year from the acquisition of the rolling line and in 9 months from the start of the investment works, to start the production in the new workshop. At that time, the CPE WS became the third production workshop in TMK-ARTROM, after ASSEL and COLD workshops. Than, we continued the developments and we inaugurated the production workshops for automotive components and pipes for the hydraulic industry (ACH) and the Heat Treatment Complex.

The CPE rolling mill has the ability to be upgraded to produce pipes up to 140 mm and at a higher capacity of about 150.000 tons/year. In figures, the CPE WS now represents over 1 million tons of seamless steel pipes, delivered to approximately 400 customers in over 40 countries, on 4 continents and investments of over 40 million Euros, the latest developments being aimed to increase even more the quality of our products, consisting of various US testing installations, Eddy Current, and much more. 

We thank all our partners for the trust given to the products produced in this workshop and especially to our employees without whom these results would not have been possible.



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