General information


The shares issued by TMK-ARTROM S.A. were traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange starting with 1995 until 2020.

The company’s shares were listed in the Standard category, the Main segment, with stock exchange symbol “ART”.


Total number of shares: 116 170 334      


The stake of TMK-Artrom share capital owned by TMK Europe GmbH as a result of running and closing the public offer that took place in the period is 03.01.2020-23.01.2020 is 98.83%. In April 2020, ASF approved the withdrawal of the minority shareholders of TMK-Artrom S.A. (ASF decision 475 from 08.04.2020). The price that was paid to the minority shareholders by the majority shareholder TMK Europe GmbH was 6.0398 lei / share.

According to the ASF decision, the shares of TMK-Artrom SA were suspended from trading starting with 16.04.2020.


TMK Europe GmbH currently owns 99.999916% of TMK-Artrom’ shares and TMK Italia 0.000086%.

ASF issued on 03.09.2020 the decision no. 1039 regarding the withdrawal from trading of the shares issued by TMK-Artrom SA starting with 07.09.2020.


(EUID): ROONRC.J28/9/1991


(LEI) : 315700M25SMOU44FAN52




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