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„InfoMinulescu” Computer Science Competition, an event supported by TMK-Artrom


„InfoMinulescu” Computer Science Competition for young students took place on Friday, April 12, at „Ion Minulescu” National College from Slatina, an event supported by TMK-Artrom, as partner of this event, together with other private companies and County School Inspectorate. The competition, which attended by more than 150 young students of classes V-IX, aims to promote among the students the development of competition spirit, the upgrading of basic skills to solve problems at first sight, using the knowledge that they acquired at Computer classes as well as the development of logical thinking and computer work. By supporting such a competition, TMK-Artrom wants to encourage among young students learning of computer science, especially as there is already a tradition of performance in this field at „Ion Minulescu” National College - the prestigious educational institution from Slatina: only this year the College had 5 awarded students at the National Olympiad ICT and Informatics.


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