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TMK-Artrom supports performance - Go to the Olympiad!


During 22-26 April 2019, Slatina hosted the national phase of the Olympics of Mechanics, as well as the national competition for the students from professional schools, which took place at the "Metalurgical Highschool". TMK-Artrom supported as a partner both national competitions to which more than 150 students attended. In doing so, TMK-Artrom wishes to encourage youngsters towards technical disciplines, and also to facilitate their integration into the workforce market. We believe that such competitions can stimulate students with high results, interested in sciences with technical applications, at the same time promoting friendly  competition and communication, all in the fair-play spirit. These competitions also stimulate creativity and critical thinking, offer the motivation necessary for the learning process, and contribute to the development of talents, abilities and knowledge, all of these leading to a solid personal and professional development of the students.

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